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Balmes 5 Villa

Balmes 5 is a villa located in Barcelona made of a majestic 1650 m2 garden plus 350 m2 of interior construction. This project was designed with extreme care for details. Using Daria as inspiration the interior is full of custom made furniture and graphic elements that brings nature closer. Spanish and Barcelona’s influence is reflected through trencadís benches in an Andalusian patio on a beautiful natural garden.


Hu's Villa 湖一家人别墅

Hu’s villa is located in JiaXing. Inspired by Client’s passion for photo safaris, design intention uses a dark wood color palette as a reminiscence of African trips with exotic landscapes. The living room’s luxurious space is maximized by a mezzanine that allows an extra guest room. A working desk is placed under a stylish wooden flying staircase for maximizing this living-room/studio/guestroom multi-functional space.

Chuang Yu Mock-up Flat

Chuang Yu Real Estate sales office + mock-up flats was created for a niche market segment of youngsters in search of alternative lifestyles.  A new approach at color combination and modern distribution was key to create top of the line comfortable households for fashionable urbanites. Fashionable furniture, lighting fixtures and customized pattern design elements made made the apartments special and modern with an international touch demanded by clients.

All units we sold out 2 months after it‘s launch.

Deji Plaza Mall

DeJi Plaza Shopping Mall is located in Humen, DongGuan. This project’s design produced both a highly visible commercial space and a symbol of culture and history. The Pearl river took form alongside the Façade, to remind DongGuan citizens of the commercial history of this river (XIX century) when it was used by European traders as a main path of goods into and out of the country. Light sculptures using pearl shaped elements helped reinforcing the visual business scope and story telling.

Shopping Mall

赛格 SaiGe A.I. Mall

Located in Beijing Dong lu (People Square, Shanghai) SaiGe design concept was based on a new generation of A.I. robotics bending towards a cleaner and more transparent world. It includes a series of customized sculptures depicting the Millenary human robot and Magnolia robotic flowers, symbolizing that the key space probe in the space race between NASA and CMEP to reach Mars will be sent from China, symbolized by Shanghai flagship Magnolia flower.

Nondrian Hotel

Nondrian boutique hotel is located in Humen, DongGuan. In order to catch both travelers and local visitors' attention, Lola Lago offered a modern reinterpretation of Neoplasticism, the latest and most popular vision by Piet Mondrian. Using diagonal shapes through neon lights, Lola Lago added a third direction to Mondrian’s Neoplasticism cornerstone limitations;
3 primary elements (red, yellow, blue),
3 primary values (black, white, gray),
3 primary directions (horizontal, vertical, diagonal).


久悠 Japanese Rest.

Jiu You meaning Longevity, is a Japanese Food restaurant in the heart of JiaXing. In order to transmit quality and service excellence in the craft of food making, Lola Lago depicted a new reinterpretation of Cherry Blossom (Sakura) combining the original architecture of this centenary building with crafty hand painted modern construction elements.

耶里夏丽 Disney Rest.

Yelixiali is a XinJiang food chain with 300+ restaurants in China. Our mission at this project was to help their Disney location restaurant adjust the Company’s standard interior design into a more international look and feel, keeping their core identity built around the Muslim Xinjiang Culture in the North West of China. Custom made Arabian arches, a patio fountain and star based imagery were key to this effect.


Deji Plaza Real Estate Headquarters design was conceived to represent a new generation of customers looking for a modern approach in their homes and their lifestyles. Design intention balances a significant creative style with the majestuosity of its centric location, in Humen Avenue.

Mindshare is a media planning company from WPP, the biggest advertising group in the World. Their Spanish headquarter loca-ted in Madrid was fully customized with entrance desk logo and a coherent use of their corporate colors, White and Purple. Ceramics on the wall, curved shaped furniture and tailor made details gave a modern look to this office built in 2008.!!

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